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We know from experience that job boards and resumes will never give you the information you need to fully assess a candidate’s fit, experience, and talent.

Our proprietary methodology matches your business with top talent in fields such a project management, nursing, engineering, software development, and countless more.

Get the hiring answers you need

Who are they?Can they do the job?Can they do the job for you?

Our unique hiring solutions give you an authentic view of the person matched to your job specifications.


Less than 100 employees
$100 per year
  • Small Business
  • Billed annually
  • Your6 Platform Access


500-1000 employees
$750per month
  • Billed monthly
  • 250 Your6 User Logins

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Enterprise FAQ

What separates YOUR6 from typical HR solutions?

YOUR6 was purposefully built by Veterans to help HR organizations hire Veterans. Traditional resumes and job boards can only ever be a list factory. YOUR6 offerings combine complex algorithms, natural language processing, personality assessments and more to generate a composite profile of the candidate we call a FIT score.

What can a FIT score tell me that I can’t get from a resume?
Leonardo da Vinci created the first official resume in 1482. We think it’s time for a new and more efficient process to learn about a job candidate. FIT scores are holistic personality profiles that are compared to known top performers in 66 job categories. We combine the power of business intelligence with human assessment algorithms to accurately match a candidate to your job req.

How Does it Work?

Candidate Analysis Reports (C.A.R.): Your candidate pool will complete a detailed assessment so that we can understand the people behind the data. We then apply our proprietary methods and processes to generate FIT and ALIGNMENT with your job offering.

Got it. But what’s in it for me?
Candidate Analysis Reports (C.A.R.): People are more than a resume. Too often, companies make judgments about candidates based on a small amount of data: things like education, certifications and past experience. However, there is a lot that goes into a candidate’s happiness and success in a position. YOUR6 discovers the attributes of a person that a resume and cover letter can’t capture — helping both the company and the candidate make the most informed hiring decision possible.

Veteran Hiring: Processing and assessing veteran candidates is not the same as reviewing typical resumes. Veterans and HR teams often have difficulty trying to translate military experience, skills and job titles into the language of business.

• YOUR6 reduces the time HR teams spend on processing candidate information
• YOUR6 increases the efficacy of job matching
• YOUR6 reduces the cost of mis-hires
• YOUR6 increases retention and the long-term value of an employee to the business
• YOUR6 complements and maximizes the HR investments you’ve already made

Does this work for civilian candidates?
Of course. Our robust patent-pending proprietary method works for all candidates and all types of hiring needs. We pride ourselves on offering end-to-end solutions for our customers.