Candidate Analysis Reports

We make it easy for businesses to make the best hiring decision. Our Candidate Analysis Reports helps you assess your entire applicant group accurately.

Great For:
 Corporate recruiters
 Independent recruiters
 Hiring managers looking for deeper insights into a candidate pool
 HR professionals looking to align candidates with company culture

Candidate Analysis Reports (C.A.R.)

3 people*
  • Great for Small Business

*C.A.R. credits must be used within one year of purchase.

Candidate Analysis Reports (C.A.R.)

50 people*
  • Great for Enterprise

Individual Assessments and Analysis

Our Individual Assessments and Analysis provide helpful insights to students, professionals, and managers.

Individual Assessments

  • Great For:
  •  Students researching college degrees/future careers
  •  Individuals interested in employment transition
  •  Individuals interested in becoming a more effective employee
  •  Managers looking for better insights into an employee
  •  Managers interested in being more effective leaders


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