How to Know When It’s Time to Make an Employment Transition


Have you ever wondered if you’re headed down the right career path? That’s the first sign maybe it’s time for a career reboot. Here are 10 more signs it’s time to make an employment transition.

1 – You’re Sitting at Work Wondering What You’re Doing There

Purpose is a powerful thing. It motivates us and drives us to do our best. If you feel like your job serves no real purpose you’re probably not doing what you’re meant to do.

2 – You Wake Up in the Morning and Dread the Day Ahead

Sure, everyone has those days where they wish they could stay in bed a little longer. But if you wake up every morning and are dreading your workday it may be time to look for a new job. Work happiness is a huge factor in productivity and how much you achieve on the job.

3 – Boredom is a Regular Thing

Boredom is never a good thing on the job. It’s a sign you couldn’t be less interest in what you’re doing, which is never good. Plus, that feeling of boredom can spill over to other areas of your life.

4 – You’ve Got a Serious Case of Job Jealousy

Envy is a sign you want something that you don’t have. The good news is that job jealousy can point you in the direction of a better career.

5 – You Don’t Feel Valued at Work

It’s hard to give your all at a job when you feel like all that hard work goes unnoticed. Often this comes down to a manager that isn’t a real motivator and doesn’t understand that failing to note a job well done leads to job dissatisfaction. If you enjoy what you do but don’t feel valued a similar career in another field or at another business may be what you need.

6 – There’s No Room to Move Up

Do you really want to be stuck in one position for the foreseeable future with no opportunity for advancement? Yeah, that’s a position almost no one wants to be in.

7 – The Workplace Culture is Bringing You Down

Toxic workplace environments are never good for your career. Even if you love what you do, if the culture isn’t supportive it could eventually make you hate what you do. It’s time to make a career change in terms of what kind of company you work for.

8 – You Feel Physically Off All the Time

Our physical well-being is closely tied to our mental and emotional health. If you always feel rundown and less than your best it’s a sign that you may not be mentally and emotionally satisfied by your work.

9 – The Only Good Thing About Your Job is the Money

You can’t buy (or earn) happiness. At the end of the day if you aren’t satisfied with your career the money is never going to be good enough.

10 – You Find Yourself Daydreaming at Your Desk About a Different Career

Does your mind often wander away from your work to what you wish you were doing? Constant desk daydreaming is a sure sign that work satisfaction is nowhere in sight. Time to turn those career dreams into reality.

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