The job placement process is outdated. YOUR6 is here to revolutionize it.

People are more than a resume. Too often, companies make judgments about candidates based on a small amount of data: things like education, certifications and past experience. However, there is a lot that goes into a candidate’s happiness and success in a position. YOUR6 discovers the attributes of a person that a resume and cover letter can’t capture — helping both the company and the candidate make the most informed hiring decision possible.


Send Us Your Candidates

Send us resumes from your candidate pool, along with the job description and contact information. We will craft a profile for your company that helps us better match candidates to the role you are trying to fill.

We'll Coordinate the Assessments

We coordinate assessments for all candidates and analyze their individual data and skill sets. The assessment is incredibly thorough, measuring things like independence potential, comfort with conflict, and people orientation.

You Make the Right Hire

We give you back your candidate pool — analyzed and rank ordered — so you can make the right hire. With YOUR6, both company and candidate can feel confident that they have made the best choice.