Choosing a career and working towards a specific profession takes a lot of time, energy and commitment. But what if you choose the wrong one?

Too many people end up with a job they aren’t happy doing because they choose the wrong career that doesn’t suit their natural skills and personality. And that can hurt business all around.

If you’re an HR specialist you know happiness on the job matters. Employees that aren’t happy and satisfied with their work aren’t as productive as they could be. Positive work cultures where employees are happy have higher levels of engagement. When employees are engaged they’re invested, get more done and have better potential for job growth.

So, how can job seekers find a career that suits their natural talents and interests?

The answer is actually much simpler than you may think. An in-depth job assessment can provide insights that reveal which occupations will provide the most happiness.


Find Your Happy Place With an Advanced Job Assessment

A job assessment is a hiring tool that many HR professionals overlook, but job seekers could actually benefit just as much or more from using them. An assessment will ask a series of questions to gauge knowledge, interest, and skills. However, the best job assessments also delve into personality traits and behavior.

The question isn’t should you use a job assessment to find the best career path, it’s which assessment should you use?

The CareerChoice GPS™ Assessment is the job assessment to end all job assessments. We’ve developed CareerChoice GPS over 35 years after analyzing more than 25 million assessments from more than 3,500 companies. The research-driven approach has led to an assessment that digs deep into a job seeker’s natural aptitude. The assessment includes 324 items that provide measurable, objective results.

Go Beyond Descriptive Analysis

What really sets CareerChoice GPS™ apart is the predictive component. It’s over 95% accurate at predicting success and happiness in a particular job or career. The predictive results are based on seven personality traits that are proven to determine future success in hundreds of jobs.

No other assessment tool available today can predict success like CareerChoice GPS™. It can help college students select a suitable major as well as people heading into the workforce or changing careers.

After taking the assessment, you’ll receive a personality report with a prioritized list of career choices based on your strengths. CareerChoice GPS™ helps students and job seekers weigh their interests against statistical data. Essentially, the assessment tool compares your natural profile to those of successful professionals already working in the field. This helps identify which careers you’re most likely to thrive in.


If you want to get a clear direction for your career path you can take a single user assessment test. The test results give you the information you need to make informed career decisions that will lead to a job you’ll love.

Trying to find job applicants that are the best-suited for an open position? The Lillian hiring analytics platform incorporates CareerChoice GPS Assessment data along with additional analytics to identify which applicants will be the most successful and happiest on the job. With Lillian, you can be confident your next hire will bring value to the business.