Discover College Degrees To Land A Job You’re Naturally Good At

Choosing a major isn’t easy. A lot is riding on that one decision. You could spend years working towards a degree only to discover it isn’t something you’re well suited for or really all that interested in pursuing. And it’s more common than you think. Research from the U.S. Department of Education found that about one-third of students change their major within three years. Additionally, 10% of students change their major two or more times. If you’re a mathematics major there’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll decide to switch majors. So how can you avoid wasting college credits and a whole lot of time? Take the CareerChoiceGPS™ assessment!

How an In-Depth Assessment Can Help You Narrow the Selection of College Degrees

Your6 can’t tell you which professors or courses are the best. However, we can tell you which degree programs are best suited for your inherent traits and natural aptitude. How? Using statistical science! Assessments are proven to be an effective way to tap into a person’s true talents, strengths and personality traits. They are used in education, business and even sports to identify top performers. They can also be used by students and individuals to gauge future success in particular careers. Our CareerChoiceGPS™ assessment isn’t like most assessments. It’s a normative assessment,  which means it uses external success measures along with your personality, inherent traits and learned behaviors to determine which career fields are the best fit. We’ve done assessments on 20+ million people for over 35 years and use that data to determine how you compare to known high performers in a field. It gives you more reassurance that you’ll be comfortable and successful in highly matched careers.

Taking the Assessment is Easy and Extremely Informative

After answering a series of questions (there are no right or wrong answers) your CareerChoiceGPS™ profile will be created. The information gives you better insight into your enterprising potential, what motivates you and how independently you work. The Your CareerChoiceGPS™ assessment also unearths how you apply your talents and what type of effort you put into your work. You’ll get a profile summary as well as a thorough breakdown that explains each inherent trait, learned behavior, attitude, and belief. There are also suggested developmental strategies for each one that can help you capitalize on your strengths.

Career Path Characteristics and Fit Scores

If you’re contemplating a college degree program you’ll be very interested in seeing your Career Path Characteristics. You’ll also want to check out the Career Families Fit scores for a wide variety of fields. Career Path Characteristics – This gives you advice on which types of career paths to seek out and which ones to avoid. Career Families Fit Score – We assign a Fit score (from 1-5) to dozens of careers as a way to help you gauge which ones you’ll naturally excel in based on your strengths and statistical data. If you’re interested in knowing more about a job role grouping click on it to see examples of careers that are in the category and what type of education is required. Pair this information with your genuine interests and you can find college degree programs where you’re most likely to be a high performer.

Ready to see which college degrees are naturally a great fit for your strengths? Take the CareerChoiceGPS™ assessment to get your Fit score in 65 career fields.