Army to Management

The Army develops adaptive leaders through training, education and experiences within a mission command climate. Army personnel lead others their entire time in the military at some level.  The best leaders understand that it is never about them, it is about those whom they lead.

The Army urges leaders to identify the problem themselves and come up with their own solution – often one that can be devised specifically for a situation in a particular environment, at a particular time.

That’s why great Army managers are also great managers in the workforce.


Air Force to Engineering

Veterans have what it takes to succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs.  After serving in the military, many prior service members are equipped with desirable soft skills like integrity, hard work and the ability to work in or lead a team.  Often their jobs have technically prepared them for a STEM career.  For example, a radio operator may transition into an electrical engineering technician.

Many STEM jobs require additional education but a veteran may get a jump start on this by obtaining a transcript that translates formal military education and training into college credits. Depending on ones’ field and specialty of study, earning technical credits can lead to one or more industry recognized certifications.  The certificates are “stackable” certificates, which could constitute the bulk of technical courses needed for an engineering degree.


People have great things to say

Navy Corpsman to Civilian Nurse

Navy corpsmen are frequently the only medical caregiver available in many fleets or Marine units on extended deployment.  They perform duties as assistants in the prevention and treatment of disease and injury and assist health care professionals in providing medical care to sailors and their families.

The U.S. in on the verge of a major Nursing shortage.  Nearly 155,000 new nursing graduates entered the workforce in 2015 – but it’s not enough to keep pace with the aging population.

The Navy provides a well-structured environment as well as opportunities to continually learn and provides professional development and education.  Because of this, a corpsman to civilian nurse could have an advantage in the job market.  They may have unique experience in areas that are in short supply.  This specialized training can be highly sought in the healthcare workforce.  Corpsmen have served and are familiar with supervisory and leadership roles.  They also have been given a wider range of responsibility than their civilian nurse counterparts, preparing them to easily step into a civilian leadership position.

When transitioning to a civilian setting, Navy corpsmen have a chance to share their unique experiences with others as a clinical nurse, nurse administrator or nurse educator, continuing the military model of developing the next generation.


Marine to Project Management Professional (PMP)

The military prepares everyone to be awesome Project Managers.  A veteran recognizes that everything they do in the military is a project.  Thinking, planning, performing, controlling, and closing are all crucial steps to project management. These are the steps in the Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP).  They are also the 14 leadership traits that every Marine learns can easily be applied to the business world and the Project Management Professional (PMP).

Being able to think in timelines, deadlines, project goals, and milestones all for the result of project completion is at the core of what every veteran did in the military.   These skills and leadership traits are qualities of thought and action which, when demonstrated in daily activities, helps earn the respect, confidence, and loyal cooperation of others. These same traits are exactly what makes a strong project manager:  Working well with others, delegating tasks to key personnel, being competitive, and being able to communicate are all essential characteristics of good operational thinker. These values forge focused teams, and the ultimate goal of a project manager is someone who can bring focus to a team and get them to mission completion.


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