Assessing the Skills of Your New Hires

If you’re relying solely on resumes to field job applicants and hire new employees you’re missing out on an invaluable resource. Assessments delve much further into a job applicant’s experience, strengths and weaknesses than resumes and cover letters alone. It’s a hidden tool for discovery that’s hiding in plain sight.

The Candidate Analysis Report (C.A.R.) is one such assessment tool that can help you uncover the information you’ve been missing in the past. It provides an honest, unbiased estimation of a job applicant’s potential. The assessment is also over 95% accurate at predicting a candidate’s success and happiness in a particular job or career.

If you’ve never used assessments before, here are five ways they can make the hiring process more effective.

Find the Most Highly Qualified People for the Job

First and foremost, assessments help businesses identify the most qualified job candidates. A resume is a piece of paper that outlines job history. It does little in the way of telling you how the job applicant works and gets things done.

That type of information can only come from interviews and assessments. An interview gives you a feel for a job applicant and the assessment provides data. Because assessments analyze both skill sets and personality traits, they are like a combination between a resume and an interview without any fluff getting in the way.

Find the Best Fit for the Company Culture and Increase Retention

It’s hard to determine if someone is going to naturally fit the company culture from reading a resume. It can even be difficult to do during interviews when eager job applicants are “on” and trying their best to fit in. But that’s exactly the type of information an assessment will uncover.

Finding a culture fit for the company has a positive effect on productivity, job satisfaction, and retention. On the flip side, new hires that aren’t a great fit can be detrimental all around. When new hires don’t share the same values and work ethic as the rest of the office it can create a toxic environment that’s less productive and produces lower quality work.

Hiring people who embody the company culture is too important and costly to ignore. An assessment is an extra step that digs into a person’s core values and work ethic. With Lillian, you can even set benchmarks for certain traits you feel are essential to the company culture and use that information to narrow the pool of job applicants you want to interview.

Get a Better Understanding of How the New Hire Will Fit in the Current Team

There are clear indicators a new hire isn’t fitting in with their team. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t see the red flags until it’s too late.

New hires are joining established teams that have figured out a workflow and how to work together effectively. Anytime someone new is introduced to the group it can throw the dynamic off if the new hire isn’t the best fit.

An assessment can provide more details about a person’s temperament and social behavior. For example, our assessments gauge a person’s comfort with conflict and people orientation. This information tells you more about a person’s personality type and how well they’ll be able to work with others, not just whether a person can handle a job.

Fully Utilize a New Hire’s Strengths

Without a thorough assessment, you may not be utilizing a new hire to their full potential. There’s a good chance a new hire has skills and personality traits that go beyond their basic job role. But most people focus on the skills needed to land the job so other assets can go unnoticed.

Former military members are notorious for underselling themselves on resumes and in interviews. That’s because many veterans have difficulty translating their military experience into civilian skill sets. We developed our hiring platform for the express purpose of helping small to medium-size business see the full potential of veteran employees through the use of assessments.

Gauge a Job Applicant’s Potential for Progress

Ideally, you want to hire people who can and want to grow with the company. Startups, in particular, can benefit from employees that are invested in the company’s success and helping establish the business.

Long-term employees are extremely valuable, but they can be extremely hard to find. For starters, you need to know if a person can grow with the company. Do they have strong leadership skills? Are they adaptable individuals that have a desire to learn? Next, you’ll need to have a good idea of what the company can offer in terms of progression.

An assessment is a hiring tool that will help you get answers to the questions above. It can help you weed out the people who are simply looking for a job and highlight the applicants that are looking for a lasting career. From there you can dig deeper to determine who has the personality traits of a long-term employee who will progress with the company.

Don’t let the wrong hires cost your business time and money. Let Your6™ Candidate Analysis Report (C.A.R.) discover amazing insights that will help you perfect your hiring process and find the best employees.