5 Hiring Resolutions Every HR Department Should Make

Recruiting is a big part of the military just as it is in the business world. HR departments are tasked with attracting and hiring the best possible job applicants, but they could be sabotaging their efforts without even knowing it.

This time a year many businesses are setting goals and people are making resolutions. If you’re an HR specialist, hiring manager or small business owner do yourself a favor and make these five hiring resolutions a top priority.


Hiring Resolution #1 – Don’t Overlook Applicants With Military Experience

Our country’s veterans gain so much valuable experience during their years of service, but that doesn’t always translate well on a resume. As a result, many veterans are overlooked without traits like their leadership skills, troubleshooting capabilities, and adaptability being fully considered.

As a society, we’re moving past the stereotyping that has unfairly plagued veterans as they transition to civilian life. Many businesses have come to realize hiring veterans isn’t just patriotic. Studies like the one from the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) show hiring veterans is good for business because of their military experience. Resolve to be one of the hiring managers that understand the unique benefits veterans bring to the table.


Hiring Resolution #2 – Consider Your Culture First

No matter how great a person is at the technical aspect of their job, if they don’t fit the culture of your company they won’t stick around long. Hiring with a culture-first mindset helps to lower turnover and increase retention. That’s because you’re hiring like-minded individuals who inherently have the personality traits that align with the brand.

The culture represents the ideals behind the business that employees really buy into. It’s a factor that’s so important to employees it can even overcome less competitive pay. If you haven’t documented your corporate culture yet, it’s time to resolve to get everything down on paper. Doing so will help your company identify its defining values and guide the hiring process.


Hiring Resolution #4 – Know What Skills You Need Now and Down the Road

Want to futureproof your hiring? Then don’t just put out a job posting for what you need now. Think about how the job role will evolve over time as the company expands and how the employee will become part of the long-term corporate strategy.

When you create the job posting, resolve to include the skills you need now and down the road. This takes more planning and projection upfront, but you’ll find an employee that’s primed to grow with the company.


Hiring Resolution #4 – Don’t Just Scan for Keywords in the Resume

Too many job applicants now know to bypass computers (and humans) that are processing applications they simply need to make sure certain keywords are included. Essentially, they dissect the job posting and paste the listed requirements into their resume.

Will it be more time-consuming to look at each resume rather than scanning first for keywords? Yes. Will you get a better candidate pool? Yes. The time invested up front will be rewarded with a highly qualified workforce that decreases the turnover rate.


Hiring Resolution #5 – Find a Hiring Platform That Offers Real Insight

YOUR6 was developed to address a serious, widespread hiring problem – lack of insight into what a job applicant has to offer beyond what’s on their resume. No matter what platform you use, resolve to find one that offers true candidate pool analysis.

This is only possible by going beyond the resume and cover letter, which could be filled with fluff. An applicant assessment is needed to delve deeper into a candidate’s social skills, problem-solving, conflict resolution, personality traits, etc. This analysis is what gives you a clear picture of how well-suited an applicant is for a position and how well they’ll fit into the corporate culture.


Resolve to make hiring more effective this year with the help of YOUR6. We save time and boost productivity with analysis that finds candidates who are truly the best fit for the job. We’re also uniquely experienced to help you find top recruits with a military background.

Sign up today to try the Lillian hiring platform and see how easy job placement can be.