10 Qualities That Make Veterans Star Employees

Employers across the country will tell you that hiring veterans is one of the best business decisions they’ve ever made. Since 2012, a number of in-depth reports have found that business owners feel veterans make great employees despite unfounded concerns over PTSD and assimilation into the civilian world.

Military members inherently have many invaluable traits that are becoming increasingly difficult to find in the workforce. Here are ten of the top qualities that make veterans star employees.

Leadership While Respecting the Chain of Command

One of the first qualities that the military instills in servicemembers is leadership. Despite the common mischaracterization that veterans can be bulldozers, they are actually very respectful of the chain of command. They’ll take on a leadership role when it’s offered but know how to follow the directions they’re given by superiors.

Accountability and Responsibility

The military also teaches servicemembers two other related qualities: accountability and responsibility. Veterans take accountability for their actions, whether correct or not. Since they own their mistakes, it can be easier to provide direction and guidance.

This accountability stems from their sense of responsibility. Veterans learn the importance of being responsible for their actions and the decisions they make. They also feel a sense of responsibility to the group. A veteran never wants to let his or her team down and will never hold someone else under the bus.

Adaptability in a Variety of Situations

In the military, you drill and train constantly, but every servicemember knows the value in being adaptable. Veterans are able to act quickly when things don’t go according to plan and are well-known for always having a backup plan.

Ultimate Team Players

Millennials may be notoriously bad team players, but that’s rarely the case with veterans. They are taught to work as a unit to achieve results. Teamwork is also needed to safely accomplish operations in high-risk environments. Each person has to trust that their comrades are doing their part and watching their back.

Veterans truly believe that the entire team wins or loses together. The military changes a person’s mindset from thinking like an individual to thinking like a part of a larger whole.

True Grit

Getting through tough, perilous situations often comes down to grit. It’s something that’s combat veterans know well. They’re taught how to handle high-stress situations without breaking under the pressure. Veterans are also focused on getting an assignment done regardless of what gets in their way.

Grit is defined as “passion and perseverance for long-term goals,” which is something any employer can appreciate. Persistence and perseverance are needed to push past the setbacks that your company is sure to face. Having employees who possess true grit could be what’s needed to make a pivotal pivot, launch a new product or get a company off the ground.

Loyalty That Can’t Be Bought

Many of today’s employers are grappling with retention issues. It’s another result of changing generations in the workplace. But loyalty is quality that veterans of all ages possess.

Veterans are people who are so loyal to their country and the causes they believe in they are willing to lay their life on the line. Once their military service is over and they find a company with the right corporate culture, veterans show their new employers that same loyalty. Employers that are plagued by high employee turnover may want to consider adding a few veterans to their team.

Discipline Needed to Get the Job Done

If you’ve ever watched a military unit moving information or the famed Marine Corp Silent Drill Platoon, you know that military members understand discipline. Discipline gives veterans focus and drive. It also means you can trust them to carry out tasks without micromanaging every step of the way.

Hard Working

Military service members are no strangers to hard work. From the day they start boot camp hard work is an expectation. Veterans carry that work ethic with them into the civilian workplace.

Ability to Execute

There’s nothing more frustrating than giving an employee an assignment only to have it go undone or be poorly executed. When you give a veteran a task you can rest assured it will get done and done right.

In high stakes situations, military members must execute orders precisely or it could cost someone their life. Needless to say, veterans take execution seriously.

They Live by Their Word

Honesty isn’t an option for most veterans – it’s an automatic. Concealing information or providing misinformation in many military situations can have dire consequences. Dishonesty also goes against the oath that every service member takes. If you want an employee that will shoot you straight, hire a veteran.


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